The Benefit Of Having A Pooper Scooper

The Benefit Of Having A Pooper Scooper

Pooper Scoopers are a must for anyone who has a pet. There are a variety of pooper scoopers for different types of animals. Some can be used for multiple animals.

For Cats, you need scoopers to clean out their litter boxes. There are a variety

Large dog pooper scooper of styles to use. It all depends on you and your needs. There are ones to just sift out the waste, ones that come with stands and ones that are breathe-free.

Some are designed for regular litter and some are designed for clumping litter. The ones designed for a regular litter can also be used for clumping litter. They are created for getting into hard to reach places.

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Breathe-free ones are a healthier way to clean your cat’s litter box. It reduces the irritating dust by up to 98 percent, this is a wonderful invention. The variations in scoopers provide many different options for all types of litter. Pooper scoopers are definitely something that you will use every day.

For dogs, pooper scoopers are also available in multiple varieties. These can resemble a rake, a scooper (with a plastic bag attached, a crane (like the carnival game) on a handle, or simply just bags in a holder that attach to a leash. When you go to the park, dog trial or just for a walk, they have ones that are used with disposable poop bags.

Some come with a carrying strap for long walks. They are spring loaded or made to grab. They are for hands-free waste pick up. The types that do not require a bag are perfect for use with an in-ground septic system. In-ground septic systems are a superb way to eliminate the need for disposal, as the poop is just placed within the tank with a special powder that breaks down the stool so that it will liquefy.

Once liquefied the stool is absorbed in the ground, leaving nothing to dispose of. No more dealing with smelly garbage bags. Maybe you don’t have a cat or a dog but have a rabbit or ferret. Maybe a hamster or guinea pig. You can use pooper scoopers for them also.

In our house, we use clumping litter, but use a general purpose cat pooper scooper, although since finding the breathe-free type we are going to try those out right away. With the dogs, we use the rake type scooper, as well as the Doggie Dooley Septic System.

It has cut down tremendously on our weekly garbage. With our multiple cats and dogs, we have tried many types of pooper scoopers. Let us know what type you use and why. We are always looking to try something new.

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