How to Stand Out at a Job Fair

How to Stand Out at a Job Fair

Job fairs play a very important role in finding a suitable job. So, you should prepare yourself before attending any job fair. First, research the companies that are participating and then pick your targets. Research the companies that are there ahead of time.

Go to their websites and see if they have their openings posted. Pick a reasonable number to target, and get ready to spend up to an hour researching each one. For each company, you want to know: key product lines, recent news, and executive names.

Try to see if you know anyone at the target companies. You can also navigate to this source: Orange County Career Fairs & Venues at Diversity Career Group for job or career fairs. Second, if there are job postings on the web, read them to see what the hiring manager is looking for. Create a mapping of your accomplishments and skills to the requirements of the job.

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Third, create a mini sales pitch for each likely company/job combination. Write down a 90-second thumbnail that you can repeat verbally describing why you are a great candidate for that position. You'll use this in your resume and when you meet people at the job booth.

Fourth, modify your resume for each job type. The objective of your resume should exactly match the position you're targeting. The executive summary should be a written form of your "mini sales pitch" for the job.

Finally, practice your mini-sales-pitch. Collect your research and the resume for each position – bring a couple of copies for each – and put each in a clearly labeled folder. Keep them in a lightweight briefcase or folio.

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