The Lesser Known Islands on the Whitsundays

The Lesser Known Islands on the Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands consist of 74 of the world’s most picturesque islands. With it bordering the Great Barrier Reef is fast becoming one of the most sought-after holiday destinations around the world.

With the islands being so picturesque and the electric blue water stunning, in many parts of the world, these destinations can be overcrowded and too full of adventure tourism. This proving a turn-off for many travellers looking for a little tranquillity.

The Northern islands of the Whitsundays are the more frequented by tourists, but there are now many more off-the-beaten-track ideas and things to do in places such as Keswick Island. The more Southerly islands also have a lot to offer.

Keswick has some beautiful sheltered bays with some stunning views that are perfect for a romantic couple or honeymooners. Offering plenty of snorkelling and diving experiences never to be forgotten. The scuba diving on offer there is out of this world; when you mention the Great Barrier Reef the first thing that springs to mind are visually stunning corals and a plethora of marine life, and 'yes' sure of course they are in abundance, but there are also three fascinating shipwrecks there that are a must see. To know how to get to these parts of the Whitsunday’s you can find more info here.

Take a boat cruise to Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island.  This is a very luxurious area to anchor up and swim. Here is where some of the most diverse marine life can be found on the Whitsundays and for those who know, they tend to keep it a secret from the traditional tourist who wants more of the backpacker or high-end resort areas, so they have plenty of eateries and late night entertainment, so this can be your little secret. 

As an alternative to the regular Whitehaven beach (although serene in its own right) you can visit turtle bay, and let us be honest who doesn't want to see turtles.  This is a gem, and the chance to swim alongside the turtles is not to be missed.  Although I said it could be your little secret, we've let it out of the bag, so get there before everyone else finds out that's the place to be!

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