Safety Tips for Using Cable Drum Stand

Safety Tips for Using Cable Drum Stand

When working in a factory or on a construction site, it is essential to take all safety measures. Even the smallest mistake can result in big injuries, at times even death. When working with a machine like a cable drum or elevated work platforms that weigh a lot, it is preferable to be careful rather than getting injured.

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Following are some safety tips that are often stated in the manual that is provided by manufacturers of heavy duty machines.

1. Proper supervision

When you are working with complex and big equipment and machinery, it is preferable to have a supervisor at the site. There is a chance that new employees may not know the exact procedure of working with the machine so a supervisor will be able to help and guide him. The supervisor will also be able to ensure that all workers wear basic safety gear while working. He will also be able to ensure that all machines have hazard signs on them. 

2. Balancing the weight

Another thing that workers should take care of is that they do not put too much weight on a cable drum and that it should be properly balanced. They can use tools like the tagline to have controlled rotation so there is a lesser chance of haul falling or rolling down.

3. Wearing safety gear

Make sure that you provide the worker with all the essential safety gear including a hard hat, work boots, safety goggles and clothing. Also, ensure that the gloves are made from thick material especially for a worker who works with cable drums and cable reels.

You can always consult cable drum stands manufacturers when purchasing cable drums and its accessories.

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