The Types Of Properties That Can Fit Under A Strata Plan

The Types Of Properties That Can Fit Under A Strata Plan

A lot of people are aware about properties but they know very little about strata. In simple terms a strata refers to a property which has got shared ownership. There are many different individuals who own the different parts of the properties and need Professional property managers to ensure their rights. The strata managers in Sydney are getting more and more popular today. There are a lot of buyers who own more than one property and therefore need to have future use and maintenance. In this scenario they also need good professional advice and expertise to move forward. And because there is a lot of potential in these properties then investors are also interested. There are many types of properties that come under the strata scheme which include:

Residential: The residential strata is the type of arrangements in which the person owns a small portion of buildings or a group of buildings. The portion of the property is called a lot. The needs of residential strata management is different from others thus specialized managers. It includes all duplexes, departments and multi story buildings. The common areas include roofs, external hallways and doors.

Commercial: This is the type of strata which is used for commercial purposes such as offices and buildings. The property development for commercial strata is a fast developing one. This type of property management is more flexible abide it also involves rent collection, maintenance, abiding by the laws and admin functions. COmmercial functions are undertaken on a large scale.

Retail: The retail strata is used for the various retail purposes. It can include a lot of shops, stores and similar kind of sale properties. At present there is good scope in this area as there are manya retail properties, all you need to do is find the right buyers and gfix the right price.

Mixed Use: The mixed use is a combination of more than the two or more from above list. Many managers manage commercial property, retail property and residential property lots all at once for the same owners.

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