What’s Really Different About Doba?

What’s Really Different About Doba?

While searching for e-commerce opportunities, you may have heard the phrase "Doba is Different" on some popular or high ranking Doba reviews on Google, but what do they mean?  How is Doba different to the alternatives like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands?

Doba is an integrated drop-shipping and e-commerce service.  You join at a cost of about $60 a month, download their product catalogue (about two million products in total), upload it to your site and begin selling items from Doba immediately.  When you get an order, you just buy it from Doba and have it drop shipped to your customer – no need to hold any stock, or even buy it before you've sold it!

That's what's different about Doba – unlike Salehoo and Worldwide Brands, which are just directories where you have to manually deal with each supplier individually, Doba is fully integrated and ready to go from the start.

The downside is that you never get to speak directly with any suppliers – and therefore never get to build a relationship – and must remain a member of Doba for as long as you intend to continue with your online store.  It can also be more expensive buying just s single unit at a time, but that's the case with all drop-shippers.

A recently founded alternative to Doba, which is a very similar service but instead of supplying your customers directly it connects to your Ali Express account, is Oberlo.  Doba and Oberlo are very similar – and cost a similar amount – but both are good at what they do.

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